About us

Scientra OÜ's services encompass writing of dossiers and reports in the field of agrochemicals as well as providing advice concerning pesticide residues in food (e.g. regulative frame in EU and elsewhere, maximum residue limits and how they are set, risk assessment concerning residue uptake from food).
In addition, Scientra OÜ provides translation and revision of specific texts in the fields of agrochemicals, biotechnology, food technology, food safety and human biology, or similar fields.

Scientra OÜ can be characterized by the following:
  • high reliability;
  • many years experience in scientific writing;
  • many years experience in dossier writing in the field of agrochemicals;
  • very good technical language skills in Estonian, English and German;
  • extensive knowledge and long-time experience in diverse areas of life science;
  • a possibility to order the same text in up to three different languages;
  • high quality;
  • accuracy and correctness.